• The Secret Whispers Of The Library

    A library is a dusty collection of books, lovingly treasured over a period of time whilst being haphazardly stacked and sorted in various categories and genres. It is a mystical space with a sacred aura, defined by the boundaries of dizzying shelves of varying sizes, with hidden corners and secret spots where forgotten books are kept, in hopeful anticipation of being discovered once again.

    Libraries are the temples and cemeteries of the authors before us, where their innermost desires, wishful hopes and everlasting stories are kept alive beyond their time, revealing wisdom from ages bygone to the mania of the present day. Bound in leather hardback or the gentle creases of softback, these books whisper the glories of the past, a time machine to a myriad of epic adventures, a monologue of thoughts, a catalogue of all our emotions. And when visiting these great temples, a respectful silence is observed in homage and honour of these great writers that have combined to educate, inspire and create the world as we know it.Read More