• Book release: Surgery On The Shoulders Of Giants

    Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants is a heart-wrenching but ultimately uplifting collection of letters written during the medical travels of Saqib Noor, a surgeon in training and a doctor passionate about healthcare in impoverished areas of the world.

    Saqib qualified from Nottingham Medical School in 2004 and subsequently has embarked on a career in orthopaedic surgery. The events in the book are described in real time, beginning in South Africa with a series of personal and vivid letters, and continues over a ten year span in various countries and settings.

    The writings describe the disasters of the Haiti earthquake and the unprecedented Pakistan floods of 2010 as well as travels to South Africa, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Myanmar.

    The letters reveal the immense complexities and challenges of medical work in austere environments as well as the emotional toll it takes on all involved. The stories are filled with sadness yet inspired by hope and truly promote an underlying faith in the goodness of the human condition.

    The book is recommended for anyone wanting a terrifically unique human insight into medical care during disasters and the health challenges facing some of the poorest parts of the world.

    These letters are likely to stay with the reader many years after they have been read.

  • Book release: The White And Black Book

    A sad girl, frustrated with life, is preparing for another of life’s looming, endless exams. Whilst studying, she discovers a mysterious book in a majestic, enchanted library. This beautiful hand-made book has no name, no author and no publisher. And every time the girl opens the book, the book guides her through difficult and easy days, exciting and dull days, beautiful and ugly days, forgotten days, and days that will always last in her memory.

    But where did the book come from? And why did it choose the girl? Discover the intriguing mystery to a truly unique story of self help and inspirational guidance.

    This memorable, mesmorising and ornately decorated book is a true gift, becoming a timeless companion to every Amazon Kindle reader. It is a must-have book that is written specifically for anyone that dares to discover the mystery at the end. As a result, this book will be kept forever as a silent friend, on one’s private bookshelf, Kindle library or indeed, in its very own black and white box.


    “Thank you for a beautiful book. It will remain with me for years to come”.

    “Honestly, it’s beautiful”.

    “I found it endearing almost immediately”.

    “I needed these words. Felt they are written for me”.

    “Brilliant, clever, captivating and most enjoyable”.

    Please note: Due to the nature of the print replica to mimic the book’s true format, The White and Black Book is not available on Kindle E-readers such as Paperwhite and Voyage. It is however available on all Kindle Fire models, iPad, iPhone, Android and PC devices.