• Books Are My Obsession Review – 12.11.17

    I was very fortunate to discover another book review for “Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants”  that was posted a few weeks ago on the book review blog, “Books are my obsession”. It is a short and sweet review and I am very thankful to Zara for posting it. Her words are extremely encouraging to me. Please take the opportunity to visit her site for more book reviews, I have copied the book review here, but the full review can be found below!

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  • World Orthopaedic Concern Book Review – 25.08.17

    World Orthopaedic Concern (WOC) is an organisation dedicated to improving the standard of orthopaedic and reconstructive surgery in all developing countries — in the tropics, subtropics, and anywhere where there is a need. It is an organisation I have been involved with in the UK for many years and my visit to Ethiopia in 2016 was part of a dedicated WOC project. I was therefore truly humbled to read a review of my book, “Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants”, published in the most recent World Orthopaedic Concern Newsletter.

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  • David Marx Book Review – 06.08.17

    In 2010, whilst wallowing in the Pakistan floods, I wrote about the corruption that had seeped into Pakistan – an almost accepted standard of practice embedded within the daily grind of the people’s lives. Since then, I have thought nothing much of this corruption, for in my own mind it had also become routine to hear of such malpractice in the land of my forefathers.

    Although not the crux of my letter writing, I was delighted to read a review by David Marx, whose
    self titled blog
    describes book reviews for inspired folk. David insightfully relates the Pakistani natural and man-made disaster zone that I described in the book to the crescendo of corruption currently dominating Pakistani politics and the recent removal of the Pakistani prime-minister Nawaz Shariff. As David rightly points out, it seems nothing has changed. I am hopeful he did not have too much trouble in Pakistan in his two previous visits to the country.

    It was very humbling to read the final review comments on the book and I am very thankful to David to write such kind words about my journey:

    Indeed, Surgery On The Shoulders of Giants – Letters from a doctor abroad, is, if nothing else, a mighty large humane inspiration. Powerful. Poignant. Persuasive.

    You can read all of David’s review of the book, “Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants”, by clicking here and visiting his blog.

  • MXCAREYES Book Review – 22.07.2017

    Global surgery truly is global, as the book travelled all the way to the Philippines, making its way to Mica -an ambitious premed student hoping to embark on a career in medicine. She is a very talented writer and book blogger. I thank her very much for the review and in particular the very humbling comment:

    There are so many more beautiful insights to expect in this book. You will find words of reassurance, of finding hope and meaning in everything. This book has shown the importance of hope in sad times, of family even and especially when they are far away. And most importantly, this book has shown the importance and beautiful effects of how a person’s dedication and love in serving the poor can change and touch so many lives for the better.

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  • My Clever Night-Night Shoes – A Book Review

    Clubfoot is one of the most common orthopaedic congenital defects, affecting approximately one in a thousand births and there are an estimated 150,000 babies born per year with the condition in the world. Although there is a genetic component, the exact cause remains unknown and the condition is prevalent in every population group worldwide.

    In the distant past, club foot was often treated (and rather unsuccessfully) with extensive surgical procedures. However, more recently, a management algorithm using a simple plastering technique (the Ponsetti technique) has proven to give excellent long term results for the vast majority of children. Indeed, the technique is so effective that there is now a global campaign to improve the lives of many children throughout the world (globalclubfoot.com/) and prevent heart breaking neglected cases as seen below.Read More

  • TheBookBag.co.uk Book Review – 03.07.2017

    It was a pleasure to have the book, “Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants”,  reviewed by Sue from the Book Bag.

    Here is an extract from the review:

    The book is very readable, if harrowing and frightening in places, but it’s the sort of book where you quickly succumb to ‘just another chapter’ syndrome and a book which I expected to read over several days was finished in less than twenty four hours.

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