• BBC Asian Network Interview – 09.08.17

    I am departing for Cambodia. Yesterday, in a day of manic activity, I was very fortunate to be interviewed by Nomia Iqbal from the BBC Asian Network on my last day in the country. My mind was on packing and the mountain of administration that was awaiting me, but it was great to once again discuss the challenges facing billions of people across the world struggling to access safe surgery.

    My heartfelt gratitude to all those at the BBC who invited me and put the interview together.

    My apologies for posting about three successive radio interviews. This, I am very pleased to say, should be my last for quite some time. Being live on media is not my most natural habitat, I’m glad to be returning to where I belong most.

    I leave you with my best radio face!

  • Global Surgery, Faith and Beyond: BBC Local Radio Interviews – 06.08.2017

    At 6.30am on Sunday morning, I sleepily made my way into the BBC studios, at the Mailbox in Birmingham. It was for a series of interviews discussing the book, “Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants”, and the spiritual enlightenment I had found by working abroad, discovering a concept of God within the heart of all people.

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