About me

A blessed unrest that keeps me writing

I qualified from medical school in 2004 and have since then passionately pursued a career in trauma and orthopaedic surgery. After many years of exams, night shifts and hours scrubbed under the operating lights, I have now completed my higher surgical training.

I am very committed to medicine and surgery in the developing world. I have worked in my short career in South Africa for one year as well as volunteering as a medic for a number of weeks in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and Pakistani floods, both in 2010. I have also worked for 6 months at a charity surgical centre in Cambodia in 2013 and I have recently taught orthopaedic surgery in Ethiopia.

I hope to continue this work in the future by working with, and developing trauma services for those in the world less privileged than I have been. Throughout my travels, I have been incredibly blessed to meet a wonderful array of inspiring, talented and beautiful people that have allowed me to maintain my belief in the underlying and everlasting goodness of the human heart. I hope my ramblings somehow reflect this belief.

I write to release the words trapped between my head and heart, those words that make me laugh, cry and choke simultaneously.

In the quietest times, in the most joyous times and in the saddest times, I would curl into my corner and write to be free. These writings are for me and myself. There was never an intention to share, to display or to publish. However, I was, once-upon-a-time, convinced to display my words.

Although I fear criticism more than I seek praise, I have been inspired by the clapping of love and the inner peace it brings, to share my writings outwardly. For the first time in my life, I have found a freedom within my spirit to let my words float gently into the air in a giant, multicoloured, heart-shaped hot air balloon. I have always believed that the power of words can change the world, and so maybe with this new found belief, they can – one single character at a time. Maybe, on a quiet day, if you have the time, look to the sky and if we are lucky, my colourful hot air balloon will be floating by.

Thank you for taking the time to read this bio. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook, Twitter (linked below) or via this website!