Video Extract 1: “The United Nations of Medicine”

I was recently invited to a global surgical conference in Morocco to describe some of my experiences with neglected surgical disease in Cambodia. Unfortunately I was unable to attend but the organisers were kind enough to accept a video of my Cambodian experiences instead.

I decided to submit a video extract from the book, Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants. I hashed some old dancing footage from a previously made CSC promotional video (from 2013) along with some royalty free music and words from the book. I was very happy to get good feedback from the video when it aired on the 11th November 2017 so I have decided to put the video online. I may create a series of extracts from the book to help bring the book to life and keep promoting the push for safer surgery worldwide.

I hope you enjoy the dancing in the second half of the video! With thanks of course to the special staff and volunteers at the Children’s Surgical Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia ( Please continue to support their wonderful work.

I have tried to source creative commons licenced images throughout as well as my own images. No patient images are used for their deepest respect. Royalty free music is used for the background songs.

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