TMS – The Medical Student Book Review – 13.09.17

I have always felt the most noble aspect of our profession is the mandate we are given to share our knowledge with those learning around us. The encyclopedia of medicine is vast, compiled from the very dawn of time and each healthcare professional has had a unique experience within its complicated chapters, resulting in our own individual interpretations and lessons learnt.

It was with great pleasure that I offered a copy of the book, “Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants” to the medical student publication, aptly titled “The Medical Student” for review. It was an even greater pleasure to read the review today and one that gives me great encouragement from the future generation of our profession. I am very grateful for the words written by Catherine, the TMS education editor who writes:

Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants is unlike any other medical text that I have read before…for me, this was a breath of fresh air. This book is an absolute must read for everyone, as it delves into thought provoking topics that will make you feel hope, joy and sadness. I would whole-heartedly recommend this enriching book, and in fact I think I will be reading it again in the near future (that is how much I enjoyed it).

I am exceptionally grateful to Catherine and the TMS team for their review and it will push me harder to keep sharing the little I know of this incredible book of medicine. One can read Catherine’s full book review here.

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