David Marx Book Review – 06.08.17

In 2010, whilst wallowing in the Pakistan floods, I wrote about the corruption that had seeped into Pakistan – an almost accepted standard of practice embedded within the daily grind of the people’s lives. Since then, I have thought nothing much of this corruption, for in my own mind it had also become routine to hear of such malpractice in the land of my forefathers.

Although not the crux of my letter writing, I was delighted to read a review by David Marx, whose
self titled blog
describes book reviews for inspired folk. David insightfully relates the Pakistani natural and man-made disaster zone that I described in the book to the crescendo of corruption currently dominating Pakistani politics and the recent removal of the Pakistani prime-minister Nawaz Shariff. As David rightly points out, it seems nothing has changed. I am hopeful he did not have too much trouble in Pakistan in his two previous visits to the country.

It was very humbling to read the final review comments on the book and I am very thankful to David to write such kind words about my journey:

Indeed, Surgery On The Shoulders of Giants – Letters from a doctor abroad, is, if nothing else, a mighty large humane inspiration. Powerful. Poignant. Persuasive.

You can read all of David’s review of the book, “Surgery on the Shoulders of Giants”, by clicking here and visiting his blog.