The exclamation mark that strikes through my passionate heart in excitement, like a piercing, dotted arrow!

The floating raindrop apostrophe that always hangs above my mind’s cloudy sky.

The sealing lips of the brackets that quietly whisper my secrets (that are no longer my secrets).

The unobtrusive comma that allows me to pause, rethink, scratch my thoughts, and continue.

The magical @ that converts my words into invisible messages disappearing with no return.

The inverted commas that allow me to speak, “Yes, I shall write like the wind,” he said.

The dash for no other reason then to prolong my rambling – a ribbon that has been cut too short and rambled too long.

The shining star that displays my frustrations with unnecessary f***ing profanity and the defensive gates of the hash that hides me when I want to be ######, especially when my grammar, spelling, and punctuation symbols are all muddled like me.

The colon: the semi colon; those words I don’t understand.

The big full stop, the burly bouncer, that ends me there, that closes me down, that shuts me up, once and for all.

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